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Item quirks are peculiar characteristics that make items unique in unusual ways. These can make individual items—particularly permanent items—stand out from one another, and can give additional wonder to magical items beyond just their mechanical benefits.

You can use the table found here to quickly apply a quirk to any item, such as items found as treasure or new items that a PC creates. Rather than rolling, you can instead choose one yourself or invent a new quirk. Item quirks don’t normally have any mechanical effect, since their only purpose is to be colorful and further flesh out the world, though you can add one if you so choose. Such effects should never grant more than a +1 item bonus or -1 item penalty, and even then the statistic or check it applies to should be narrow. For a quirk that grants an item the ability to speak, you choose the language based on the history of the item, or your best guess of what that history might be. It’s typically a language spoken by the item’s creator.

01MelodicFaint music plays when in use.
02Skin-alteringThe user’s skin color changes to a bright color such as blue or green.
03ChoralRepeats everything the user says in a singing voice.
04Mood colorationUser’s mood affects the item’s color.
05ChattyHappily engages in small talk.
06SpoilingFood within 1 foot spoils at twice the normal rate.
07FriendlyRequests to be introduced to everyone the user meets.
08MufflingNearby sounds are slightly quieter.
09RunicRunes appear on the user’s skin.
10ComfortableCan serve as a pillow or blanket.
11Rain-blockingThe user remains dry in the rain.
12ClumsyWhen unattended, knocks over other small items within 1 foot.
13Elemental appearanceSeems made of flame, water, or another elemental material.
14MagneticSmall, ferrous objects of light Bulk or less adhere to it.
15AberrantHas tentacles, teeth, or other off-putting features.
16Dream-eatingCreatures asleep within 10 feet do not dream.
17CleanRemains pristine despite filth.
18HungryNeeds daily meals, often odd things like wood shavings.
19SmellySmells like the last food the user ate.
20FlamboyantFlashes of light, sparks of color, and other effects shower from it.
21Verdant trailSmall plants grow where the user walks, remaining for 1 hour.
22ComplainingGrumbles when not in use.
23DetectingAware of a specific animal or plant, such as squirrels or poison ivy, within 30 feet.
24FibbingTells grandiose and obvious lies.
25CompressingUser is slightly shorter.
26AttentiveTurns to face the last creature to touch it.
27SopranoUser’s voice becomes higher.
28ShrinkingDecreases in size when used.
29AromaticNearby air smells pleasant.
30TemperateSlight warmth spills from the item.
31Slime trailUser leaves a trail of slime where they walk, remaining for 1 hour.
32TetrachromaticColors seem more vivid to the user.
33ResoundingNearby sounds are slightly louder.
34Insect-attractingHarmless insects swarm around it.
35Ancienttongue Speaks in a forgotten language.
36BloodthirstyThe sight of blood causes it to quiver in anticipation.
37PolishedHighly reflective.
38ScribingAbsorbs ink for 1 hour, allowing its points to be used as a pen.
39DirtyA layer of filth always remains.
40Eye-alteringUser’s eye color changes.
41PreservingFood within 1 foot spoils at half rate.
42LeafySmall plants grow on or from it.
43WetIt and its user are always damp.
44EncouragingOffers encouragement when the user fails a check.
45LoyalRemains within 5 feet of the user, as if on a tether.
46RitualisticDemands the user perform a simple act every morning.
47RestlessSlowly moves and fidgets.
48DisplacedAppears offset from where it is.
49CaringProvides advice and reminders.
50ProjectingLight creates a kaleidoscopic effect.
51Hair-alteringUser’s hair color changes.
52WatchfulStaring eyes cover it.
53GenerousProduces small, token gifts.
54BassUser’s voice becomes lower.
55LeakingSecretes a harmless liquid.
56Taste-alteringFood tastes different, such as tasting sweeter or saltier.
57BouncyBounces on collision.
58LucidCreatures asleep within 10 feet see the item in their dreams.
59DecorousInsists the user use polite language.
60JunkyAppears shoddy or made of scraps.
61CavortingDances in place when not in use.
62FurryCovered by a thin coat of fur.
63Unusually coloredAn outlandish color, such as a bright purple suit of armor.
64SonorousSounds a pure tone when struck.
65StarrySeems made of night sky.
66CompactPacks neatly into a smaller form.
67MistingConstantly leaking mist or steam.
68ChirpingCoos and squeaks when used.
69BalancedAlways remains perfectly upright.
70Sun-blockingUser never receives sunburns.
71Animal-attractingHarmless animals follow the user.
72FlauntingForces user to move dramatically.
73TracingFollowed by thin trails of color.
74MonologuingRecites long lectures or speeches.
75ForetellingMakes mysterious predictions.
76AdhesiveSticks slightly to any surface.
77LevitatingFloats slightly above a surface.
78SlimyCovered by a thin layer of slime.
79CommentatingRemarks on its surroundings.
80NumbingUser is less sensitive to pain.
81Time-tellingAnnounces the current time.
82ToweringUser is slightly taller.
83AbsorbentAbsorbs up to one pint of liquid.
84FacetedAppears made of crystal or gems.
85BubblyCreates bubbles when used.
86Image-flippingUser appears to be mirrored.
87Hair-growingUser’s hair grows at double rate.
88AlternatingAppearance slowly changes.
89SweatyBecomes damp and pungent when used extensively.
90GlitteringShimmers and glows with light.
91MoltingSheds a thick film every morning.
92EchoingSounds around the user echo.
93ShadowlessItem and user cast no shadow.
94StorytellingIs inscribed with a story or knows a tale it can recite on command.
95ChilledSlightly cool to the touch.
96Color-washingUser’s vision shifts to a given coloration, such as sepia or monochrome.
97GrowingIncreases in size when used.
98FloatingSlowly descends when dropped.
99Twoquirks Roll twice on the table and apply both quirks to the item. Reroll any results of 99 or 100.
100Threequirks Roll three times on the table and apply all quirks to the item. Reroll any results of 99 or 100.