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You use one of your skills to make money during downtime. The GM assigns a task level representing the most lucrative job available. You can search for lower-level tasks, with the GM determining whether you find any. Sometimes you can attempt to find better work than the initial offerings, though this takes time and requires using the Diplomacy skill to Gather Information, doing some research, or socializing.

When you take on a job, the GM secretly sets the DC of your skill check. After your first day of work, you roll to determine your earnings. You gain an amount of income based on your result, the task’s level, and your proficiency rank (as listed on Table 4–2: Income Earned).

Task LevelFailureTrainedExpertMasterLegendary
01 cp5 cp5 cp5 cp5 cp
12 cp2 sp2 sp2 sp2 sp
24 cp3 sp3 sp3 sp3 sp
38 cp5 sp5 sp5 sp5 sp
41 sp7 sp8 sp8 sp8 sp
52 sp9 sp1 gp1 gp1 gp
63 sp1 gp, 5 sp2 gp2 gp2 gp
74 sp2 gp2 gp, 5 sp2 gp, 5 sp2 gp, 5 sp
85 sp2 gp, 5 sp3 gp3 gp3 gp
96 sp3 gp4 gp4 gp4 gp
107 sp4 gp5 gp6 gp6 gp
118 sp5 gp6 gp8 gp8 gp
129 sp6 gp8 gp10 gp10 gp
131 gp7 gp10 gp15 gp15 gp
141 gp, 5 sp8 gp15 gp20 gp20 gp
152 gp10 gp20 gp28 gp28 gp
162 gp, 5 sp13 gp25 gp36 gp40 gp
173 gp15 gp30 gp45 gp55 gp
184 gp20 gp45 gp70 gp90 gp
196 gp30 gp60 gp100 gp130 gp
208 gp40 gp75 gp150 gp200 gp
20 (critical success)50 gp90 gp175 gp300 gp

You can continue working at the task on subsequent days without needing to roll again. For each day you spend after the first, you earn the same amount as the first day, up until the task’s completion. The GM determines how long you can work at the task. Most tasks last a week or two, though some can take months or even years.

Critical Success You do outstanding work. Gain the amount of currency listed for the task level + 1 and your proficiency rank.

Success You do competent work. Gain the amount of currency listed for the task level and your proficiency rank.

Failure You do shoddy work and get paid the bare minimum for your time. Gain the amount of currency listed in the failure column for the task level. The GM will likely reduce how long you can continue at the task.

Critical Failure You earn nothing for your work and are fired immediately. You can’t continue at the task. Your reputation suffers, potentially making it difficult for you to find rewarding jobs in that community in the future.

Crafting Goods for the Market (Crafting)

Using Crafting, you can work at producing common items for the market. It’s usually easy to find work making basic items whose level is 1 or 2 below your settlement’s level (see Earn Income on page 504). Higher-level tasks represent special commissions, which might require you to Craft a specific item using the Craft downtime activity and sell it to a buyer at full price. These opportunities don’t occur as often and might have special requirements—or serious consequences if you disappoint a prominent client.

Practicing a Trade (Lore)

You apply the practical benefits of one of your Lore specialties during downtime by practicing your trade. This is most effective for Lore specialties such as business, law, or sailing, where there’s high demand for workers. The GM might increase the DC or determine only low-level tasks are available if you’re attempting to use an obscure Lore skill to Earn Income. You might also need specialized tools to accept a job, like mining tools to work in a mine or a merchant’s scale to buy and sell valuables in a market.

Staging a Performance (Performance)

You perform for an audience to make money. The available audiences determine the level of your task, since more discerning audiences are harder to impress but provide a bigger payout. The GM determines the task level based on the audiences available. Performing for a typical audience of commoners on the street is a level 0 task, but a performance for a group of artisans with more refined tastes might be a 2nd- or 3rd-level task, and ones for merchants, nobility, and royalty are increasingly higher level. Your degree of success determines whether you moved your audience and whether you were rewarded with applause or rotten fruit.