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You can use this skill to create, understand, and repair items. Even if you’re untrained, you can Recall Knowledge (page 238).

Actions Proficiency Summary
Recall Knowledge Untrained You attempt a skill check to try to remember a bit of knowledge regarding a topic related to that skill.
Repair Untrained You spend 10 minutes attempting to fix a damaged item, placing the item on a stable surface and using the repair kit with both hands.
Craft Trained You can make an item from raw materials.
Earn Income Trained You use one of your skills to make money during downtime.
Identify Alchemy Trained You can identify the nature of an alchemical item with 10 minutes of testing using alchemist’s tools.
Untrained in Crafting Level Benefits
Skill Training 1 You become trained in the skill of your choice.
Thorough ReportsLOWG 4 Your reports are thorough and informative, and putting your thoughts to paper helps you retain the information.
Trained in Crafting Level Benefits
Alchemical Crafting 1 You can use the Craft activity to create alchemical items.
Assurance 1 Even in the worst circumstances, you can perform basic tasks.
Crafter’s AppraisalAPG 1 Your knowledge of items’ construction allows you to discern their magical effects as well.
Dubious Knowledge 1 You’re a treasure trove of information, but not all of it comes from reputable sources.
Improvise ToolAPG 1 You can jury-rig solutions when you don’t have the proper tools on hand.
Quick Repair 1 You take 1 minute to Repair an item.
SeasonedAPG 1 You’ve mastered the preparation of many types of food and drink.
Snare Crafting 1 You can use the Craft activity to create snares, using the rules from page 244.
Specialty Crafting 1 Your training focused on Crafting one particular kind of item.
Vicious Critique LOH 1 You have an eye for detail and a mouth for pointing out flaws, which makes it all the easier to convince the merchants and crafters of King’s Heart to help you.
Tattoo ArtistSM 2 You can craft tattoos, including magical tattoos.
Tattoo ArtistTV 2 You can craft tattoos, including magical tattoos.
Expert in Crafting Level Benefits
Automatic Knowledge 2 You know basic facts off the top of your head.
Cooperative CraftingLOH 2 You’ve learned to make the most of working with others on your crafting projects, a must when working with the various guilds of Highhelm.
Magical Crafting 2 You can Craft magic items, though some have other requirements, as listed in Chapter 11.
Tweak AppearancesAA-03 2 You spend 1 minute making quick adjustments to someone’s clothing and appearance, causing their words to carry more weight with an audience of your choice.
Reverse EngineeringAPG 4 You are able to reverse engineer items into formulas more effectively than most.
Master in Crafting Level Benefits
Uzunjati Storytelling LOCG 6 You tell a quick story or begin telling a longer tale.
Bless TonicLOGM 7 You channel positive energy into restoratives that ward against harm.
Bless ToxinLOGM 7 You pour negative energy into toxins you create to further debilitate your targets.
Expert DisassemblyAPG 7 You can apply the same techniques you use to reverse engineer objects to disable them.
Impeccable Crafting 7 You craft flawless creations with great efficiency.
Inventor 7 You are a genius at Crafting, easily able to determine how things are made and create new inventions.
Master of ApprenticeLOH 7 Teaching is a difficult art form, but you’ve gotten a pretty good handle on it.
Quick SetupTV 7 You have learned to setup simple crafting jobs with ease.
Rapid AffixtureAPG 7 You take only 1 minute to Affix a Talisman.
Recognize Threat LOCG 8 You quickly assess the threat so you can relay the information to your team.
Uzunjati Recollection LOCG 10 You tell a story spontaneously from nearly forgotten facts, delving into your memory and entertaining your audience in the process.
Legendary Tattoo ArtistTV 15 Your craftsmanship at decorating flesh is unparalleled.
Legendary in Crafting Level Benefits
Craft Anything 15 You can find ways to craft just about anything, despite restrictions.